Three Products That Will Actually Solve Your Motion Sickness

Three Products That Will Actually Solve Your Motion Sickness

Nothing ruins a boat trip, a car ride, train travel, or a day at your favorite amusement park quite like motion sickness. An estimated one in three people are considered “highly susceptible” to motion sickness — that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach like you’re going to hurl if you feel one more bump in your journey. But, fear not my adventure-loving friends, as there are products out there to help.

However, before you solve the problem, you should first understand how it happens.

As WebMD explained, motion sickness occurs when a person’s “brain gets conflicting information from your body, your eyes, and your inner ear (which tells your brain how your head is moving).” For example, WebMD noted, when a person is on a boat their inner ear may detect a rolling motion that their eyes can’t see. And that conflicting message can cause motion sickness.

On a recent boat journey through the Galapagos Islands that last example is exactly what happened to me. Despite being on one of the nicest — and newest — boats in the islands I couldn’t shake the feeling like I was going to throw up any minute. Until I put on the Reliefband.

The folks over at Reliefband were kind enough to send me one of their products prior to the trip to test it out for myself, and truly, it worked wonders. Here’s a bit more about the band and two other natural motion sickness products you can try on your next journey when staying hydrated and eating crackers just won’t cut it.

Reliefband ($174.99)


The Reliefband is by far the highest tech motion sickness product on the market. It works by sending tiny pulses through the wrist, which helps rebalance the body and normalize nerve messaging to stop that feeling like you’re gonna hurl. It looks more like a FitBit than motion sickness tool, which helped me and my sea sickness stay a bit more under the radar while traveling, which I loved. The band retails for $174.99 on Amazon, but you can also head to the band’s website and use the code StaceyRelief10 for a little discount.

MQ Motion Sickness Patch ($9)


I noticed more than a few people sporting these tiny patches behind their ears during our week-long cruise. The natural remedy patch claims to help ease the gastrointestinal tract to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. It’s also one of the highest-rated products for motion sickness on Amazon, though it should be noted, pregnant women are advised not to wear the patch.

Sea-Band ($8)


Like the Reliefband the Sea-Band is meant to be worn on the wrist. Though not as high-tech the band gets the job done by utilizing acupressure to provide relief from nausea and queasiness. Relief reportedly begins in as few as 2-5 minutes. Best of all, this one is safe and recommended for pregnant women for both travel and to help mitigate morning sickness too.

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