The Perfect Three-Day Mexico City Itinerary

The Perfect Three-Day Mexico City Itinerary

Mexico City is one of those seemingly far-off  destinations that inevitably ends up on all of our travel bucket lists. And for many of us, that's exactly where it stays. Work commitments tend to pop up, nobody can watch the dog or the kid, and life just always get in the way of taking this colorful vacation to Mexico's largest city. But, it's time to say screw that and buy the ticket. Why? Because going to Mexico is convenient AF and there's literally no reason not to go for a three-day weekend to escape your normal life for a minute. 

Getting there:

From Los Angeles, Mexico City is a three-hour flight. From New York, it's about five, which means right now you are mere hours away from a vacation. 

Upon arrival, you can grab a cab, but taking an Uber in Mexico City is both easiest and safest. Moreover, taking an Uber from the airport to the city's center will only set you back a few dollars. 

Where to stay: 


There are a number of places to stay in the city, but boutique hotels may be best. This way, you'll score the best deal and get the most attentive service. 

During our stay, we spent a few days with Hotel Domingo Santo, a boutique hotel in the center of the city. It opened just a few months ago but is already making waves thanks to its mix of old-world charm meets new-school cool look and feel. The rooftop bar beckons guests to come enjoy a margarita at sunset, while the plush white beds lull you to sleep at night.

There, our concierge/new best friend Enrique helped us with every aspect of our trip, from getting us tickets to local events to personally driving us to attractions. And with just nine rooms you can rest assured you'll get the star treatment too. 

If Domingo Santo is fully booked, try The Red Tree House,  María Condesa or the Hippodrome Hotel for an equally thrilling stay. 

Where to shop:

Mexico City is home to a ton of amazing markets. The best of the best include:

  • Centro Artesanal La Ciudadela (trinkets/art)

  • Mercado de Artesanías Coyoacán (textiles galore)

  • Mercado Roma (upscale, lots of food)

  • Mercado La Merced (largest market LOTS of food)

There is, of course, a ton of traditional shopping in Mexico City too. All you need to do is head to the Roma neighborhood and throw a dart in any direction and you'll hit a cool shop. Make sure to stop in at 180 Degrees, Lemur, Goodbye Folk and Local for good measure. 

Where to eat: 

There is an ungodly amount of delicious food in Mexico City. Honestly, you'll likely have a delicious meal no matter where you go, but if you want a truly yummy breakfast try Lalo. There, you can dig into the most delicious eggs in all of the Americas. For lunch, attempt to get reservations at Rosetta, a restaurant by Mexico City Chef Elena Reygadas. It's an ever-changing menu of local flavors so you'll always be surprised. And for dinner make sure to make reservations at Nueve Nueve. And order every single taco on the menu. And the veggies. And the guac. Ah, forget it, get everything on the menu. It's all amazing. 

What to do: 

Beyond eating and shopping your face off make sure to do these two things: Hit up the Teotihuacan pyramids and watch a Lucha Libre match.

Located about 90 minutes outside of the city, visitors can check out the Teotihuacan pyramids, which date back several hundred years. At one point, the pyramids were home to the country's largest city with more than 125,000 residents. Today, historians are still figuring out the mysteries it holds. 

As for Lucha Libre, well, it's an entirely different activity. You can buy tickets in advance or right at the gate for less than $20 per person. Make sure to bring a few extra pesos for once you're inside the ring so you can purchase a few cervesas and snacks. Then, scream your head off all night long and snap a few photos so you can remember it in the morning. 


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