The Tall Small Guide To Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Tall Small Guide To Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The sunshine, beaches, coconuts and potential whale sightings make Cabo San Lucas, Mexico an easy destination to fall in love with. And, it doesn't hurt that it's a mere 3-hour flight from our hometown of Los Angeles. 

We went down to Cabo San Lucas with Stacey's family for a seven-day getaway and found this little piece of Mexican heaven had something to offer for everyone on the trip. Here are a few of our favorite places you should stop in and see on your next trip to Cabo. 

Where To Stay

Any Resort
You really can't go wrong with where you stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, so long as you choose one of its many, many, many (did we say many?) resorts. 

We'd recommend staying along what's known as the Tourist Corridor, a stretch of land in Cabo housing dozens of different resorts dotting the coastline. There, you can choose from the Hilton Los Cabos, which offers a spa, several restaurants, bars, an 18-hole golf course and more, or Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, an all-inclusive resort ideal for families.

Or, if you're looking for a totally unique Cabo experience check out the Villa Las Palmas, a private residence perfect for you and 20 of your closest friends. The 14,000-square-foot property features private beach access, large bedrooms and common spaces, a state-of-the-art kitchen, stunning infinity pool, a game room, oh, and it's own putting green. 

Where To Eat

Sunset MonaLisa
Like it's name suggests, the Sunset MonaLisa, located along the harbor in Cabo, is the ideal location to watch the sun go down over the ocean in Cabo San Lucas. Head in early for happy hour on their white-washed sundeck and enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail with one of the restaurant's cheeseboards. Then pack up and head downstairs to either sit outside or in next to the restaurant's oversized windows and continue to take it all in. 

And while we know it sounds counterintuitive to get Italian food in Mexico, trust us when we say their pasta and pizza dishes are divine. If you're feeling super adventurous (or super hungry) order the chef's six-course tasting menu so you can just sit back, relax and watch the food roll in. 

1 & Only Tacos
For something a bit more simple, and a lot more local, stop in to 1 & Only Tacos for a few Mexican staples including tacos, burritos and fresh guacamole. 

Both the fried fish and shrimp tacos will keep you full and totally satisfied all day long, while the smoked marlin will have you thinking you're eating at a MUCH more expensive restaurant. Seriously, a three taco combo plate will only set you back a few bucks so dig in and maybe even treat yourself to a cerveza or two. 

Where To Drink

Baja Brewing Company
If you're going to drink in Mexico you might as well do it right. And doing it "right" means kicking back a few at the Baja Brewing Company

Founded in 2006 by Brewmaster Jordan Gardenhire, Baja Brewing Company has quickly become the beer of choice for restaurants around Mexico and is evening extending its reach here in the United States, Australia and South Africa. 

Head into the bar that started it all in the Cabo marina and sip on a flight of its six craft beers including a blonde, raspberry or oatmeal ale. 

Latitude 22+ Roadhouse
If you like to drink in more funky establishments than the Latitude 22+ Roadhouse is the perfect spot for you. The bar, located just up the road from the marina (and on your way toward the Tourist Corridor) sits the eclectic, but totally inviting, establishment. The bar is adorned with wall-to-wall memorabilia that owner Mike Grzanich has collected over the years such as business cards, some 500 or so license plates, a giant marlin, fishing gear and more. So, if you have a few too many and think you're starting to hallucinate things don't worry, it's probably just some of Grzanich's fantastic junk. 

What To Do

Cabo is full of excellent spots to surf and the best part is, depending on the swell and wind direction, you can score waves pretty much all year round.

A few notable breaks include Zippers, which is about 20 minutes north-east from downtown Cabo, or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous head north west up the coast to Todos Santos for a different break and a different scene for the day.

Swim With Whale Sharks
Cabo San Lucas offers visitors the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean alongside a few whale sharks. 

Don't worry, these aren't the kind of sharks that bite, instead they are slow moving filter feeders who simply want to meander on by and will allow you to snap a photo or two as they do. 

Tour companies will come and pick you up in Cabo to drive you just a few hours away to the Sea of Cortez where you'll board your boat to meet these gentle giants. 

The best time to view the sharks is August to May, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. Check out Cabo Adventures for more details. 

Rent A Sailboat
Hands down the best decision we made on our Cabo adventure was to rent a private sailboat and drift away into the sea for the day with our family. 

We went with Cabo Sailing, which offered us the best price and most time out in the water. In total the three-hour cruise came in just under $500 for six guests, but included all the gear, snacks and booze we wanted. And honestly, the price was well worth it when you consider large party cruises can run for nearly $100 per person, but offer no personalization or privacy along the way. 

Our captains were outstanding and pointed out every feature we should see along the way. They took us to a quite spot to jump in the water and snorkel for a bit before sailing out to the open ocean where we came nearly face to face with a mother humpback whale alongside her baby just as the sun began to set. 

Lounge on the Beach
This needs no explination. You're in Mexico. Lounge a bit and enjoy it. 

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