Welcome to Tall Small Travels.

Silas Dunham and Stacey Leasca met nearly a decade ago while enjoying a couple of juicy burgers (hers was of the veggie variety) with friends along the Boston Harbor. Neither one of them stood a chance against the kismet that brought them together.

In an instant, they fell in love over their shared passions including traveling, surfing, and the great outdoors. 

As a kid, Silas spent a full year traveling around the world with his family where he first developed his love of travel and photography, while Stacey spent part of her younger years studying Spanish in Costa Rica and subsequently living in Madrid as a writer and English tutor. 

Since those days both have moved on to other media careers. Stacey has worked as the Social Media Editor at the Los Angeles Times, the Digital Director at GOOD Magazine and now as a freelancer for Travel+Leisure, Forbes, Mic and many more. She also teaches in the journalism program at the University of Southern California. 

Silas is the co-founder and Head of Product for Kind Media, a media and technology company dedicated to today’s expanding cannabis culture.  

Both remain committed to traveling and sharing their journeys with the world. Welcome to Tall Small Travels.